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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” 


Henry David Thoreau

Studio Practice - Residual Mnemonic

In my studio practice, I am investigating analogue photography.  The materiality of photographs (antique photographic paper, found photographs), the processes of making photographs through traditional means and experimenting with those processes.  My current work explores the reaction of light and chemicals on antique photographic paper.  I am also creating ways to present this work as an experiential activity that can work not only in a gallery space, but in an educational environment.  Part of my studio work involves found photography, packets of old photographs that have been discarded and sold in antique shops.  Trying to find new meaning and narratives in the images by rearranging or manipulating them digitally.  


Art generally establishes a natural distance between the viewer and the object being viewed.  We are told not to touch the exhibition but we are multi-sensory beings and as such, should experience objects by touch.  I want my work to be experienced by sight, smell, sound and scrutinised by touch even if it means the destruction of that object.

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