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Teaching Practice - Primary School Placement Reflection


• Time management - come up with a

plan and then throw it out the window

as nothing will ever go according to

plan. Hour and a half feels like ten


• Prep lessons so that they are clearly

understood by everyone. Saves from

going around explaining it every five


• Prepare class with materials and

newspaper on tables before class

begins. Saves time!

• A few students were challenging. But

kept them working on their art.

Positive Aspects:

• So much fun, didn’t feel like hard work

at all! The hard work is prepping for a

class but when everything goes well

and the students are happy, it feels


• Mr. Dillon was very helpful, as were the

assistant teachers. Students were

enthusiastic and loved a challenge...

and the mess!

• Seeing the student’s creative output

during the class was inspiring.

Teaching the frustrated few to see the

positives in their own drawings when

they give up, can be rewarding.

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