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School Placement - Naas Community College Week 3: 1st Year Construction

Classroom management: Discussed with the class about the issue of talking during the class and how it disrupts teaching, had more control this time around and less distractions. I ignored requests by one student who last week was casting her dominance over the group through holding everything up and constantly asking for things.

Presentation of learning content: Showed a Powerpoint which went over what we had previously learned over the few weeks and had an introduction to the work of Pablo Picasso, linking him into the drawing exercises that we were doing today.

Effectiveness of planning: I repeated some of the techniques from last week as a way of reinforcing some truths about art - it doesn't have to be perfect and some of the best art comes from unexpected situations and mistakes. I managed to introduce an SS artist and have an evaluation at the end of class before tidying up.

Assessment and evaluation of pupils' work in class: There was a good mixture of drawings, different strengths but all were intent on doing the tasks. The planar analysis drawings were a bit more tricky but all students gave it their best, with varying results. Any students that were having trouble, I sat with them one to one to help them out.

Reflective teacher-Self evaluations: I felt like I had more control with this class than previously, and got more work done in the time because of this. I felt like the techniques worked well but again, translating an object into geometric shapes was a bit awkward to get across. I did a lot of drawings on the whiteboard as examples because when I walked around I could see that people were struggling.

What went Well and Why? (WWW&W)

  • Actively questioning the students and waiting for answers, calling out names and answering a question with more questions. What materials are we using to make the bird? Why are we using these materials? What would happen if we used different materials? Why is cardboard a perfect material to use?

  • The drawing techniques worked well, there was improvement in drawing from last week and there was less having to explain or prove that great images can come from these tasks.

Even better if ? (EBI)

  • Planar analysis was hard to get across, next class would be better if I simplified drawing 3D objects as a practice task and built up to drawing a primary source object. Maybe using children's building blocks? That way students have the same objects to work and nothing too complicated in the beginning

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