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School Placement - Naas Community College Week 2: 1st Year Construction

Professional teaching skills and ability: I clearly stated the tasks for the class and made sure it was loud and clear while also reinforcing what we had learned in the previous class. Who can tell me what ornithology is? Can you give me an example of a polygon in real life? I was getting answers but from some of the same students while silence from the ones i picked. I talked while the students worked on their drawings, emphasising why practicing was important and not the end product. for the drawing class and questioned their knowledge of AEDP while they were drawing.

Classroom management: I tried being the “nice” teacher for this class but I am seeing now that some students can take advantage of that and I need to start laying some classroom rules. I spent most of the time having to tell people to be quiet even though waiting for silence was a lot more effective.Two tables of students were quite chatty this morning and ignoring me until I used a louder voice...almost constantly, the other side of the class were working quietly but the disruptive students were testing their boundaries in what they could get away with.

Presentation of learning content: I gathered the class around a table for a demonstration of the different drawing techniques we would be doing in class. As I was sketching, I was talking about what I was doing and reinforcing why we were doing this task.

Effectiveness of planning: I thought the learning content was appropriate as a link to lesson one. The students needed to loosen up with drawing and their perception of drawing in order to convert their chosen bird into simple shapes as a design drawing and then visualising it as a 3D object.

Assessment and evaluation of pupils work in class: All of the students completed the techniques demonstrated to them. The timed tasks worked well and they talked about each other's work.

Reflective teacher-Self evaluations: The class went well enough apart from the disruptive students. In retrospect I could have handled doling out the materials a bit better, prepping how much would be needed and delegating a student to hand out the materials. Also sparing ten minutes for evaluation at the end, choosing random work and holding it up for the class. What this will hopefully do is show the other students what is a successful way of working and provide motivation.

What went Well and Why? (WWW&W)

  • The lesson went as I had planned in terms of getting across the drawing techniques. Each student had a series of drawings and the drawing lessons will be elaborated on in the next lesson.

  • The table demonstration was successful, I had their attention and only was interrupted by people calling into the art room looking for materials.

Even better if ? (EBI)

  • Classroom management needs to be the focus now, i’ve been trying the laid back nice teacher approach and the students are using it as an excuse to talk over me which is not good.

  • I need to structure my lesson so that I have time to use a SS artist and an evaluation at the end, there was five minutes to spare where I could have had an evaluation which means I had my time management wrong.

Notes: Have the drawing techniques written on the board for spelling and reading (literacy)

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