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School Placement - Naas Community College Week 1: 1st Year Construction

Professional teaching skills and ability: Took my time explaining the theme, asking if everyone understood each part and asked questions. Pupils took time to respond, I waited for each response. Used a clear and loud tone when there was noise in the room. When the internet was slow for research, I asked them questions about the theme to keep them occupied.

Classroom management: Pupils were generally quiet until they started the task and I allowed them a certain level of chatter amongst themselves as long as it did not get too loud. Also continuously walked around from table to table to make sure pupils stayed on task and answered any questions. I kept the task timed as to create a sense of urgency in what they were doing.

Presentation of learning content: Used a powerpoint which had elements for student participation, like reading out loud sections and sorting out polygons and non-polygons. I included my own work and an audio file for added effect.

Effectiveness of planning: Learning content involved researching and identifying key characteristics of a chosen irish bird (literacy). I asked random students to talk to me about their bird too (oracy). I should have been more specific with the task on worksheets as some students were confused.

Assessment and evaluation of pupils work in class: A handful of students did not complete the task fully, a lot of them picked the same bird too. From the worksheets, I could assess the drawing level and participation of students in the class which can help plan for the next week.

Reflective teacher-Self evaluations. After the micro-teaching in college, I felt that I needed a lot more practice in presenting in class. I can be a bit shy and anxiety-ridden at times and that can make me forget what I am supposed to be saying through nervousness or to fly through a presentation without questioning. Breaking my shoulder the week before placement really threw my expectations of teaching into disarray completely as I am in a lot of pain when moving and didn't want to let the students or host teacher down. Still, I practiced a lot before SP and went over the lesson in my head constantly and after the first class, everything went fine so I felt a bit more confident in what I was doing.

What went Well and Why? (WWW&W)

  • Called the role clearly, using VSWare for the first time.

  • Learners were well behaved and engaged with the idea of the project.

  • Responded well to questioning and sparked discussion about polygons and where they could be found and in what subject.

  • Completed worksheets as required, some learners completed two sheets.

  • Learners asked questions and answered each other's questions.

  • SEN students completed the task

Even better if ? (EBI)

  • Should have had a physical list of birds available or categories as having the learners research online provided a problem as the internet was very slow, meaning they couldn't get on the website for about 5 minutes.

  • There was also too much choice and they found it hard to pick a bird they wanted or ended up picking the same things:puffins, robins, swans etc.

  • I should have elaborated on the task a bit more as some learners didn't really know what they were doing.

  • A few learners had finished the task early, drawing only a few simple lines. I would give more specific drawing tasks on sheets; instead of saying draw three characteristics, say draw the head, feet and then the whole bird etc.

  • Ask more questions and slow down!

  • Be mindful of the names of some species of birds...

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