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"Imagination is your creed, sentimentality and lack of feeling are your foes.  All art comes from love—love of doing something."

Jerry Saltz

Artist's Statement

My studio work from the very beginning has been about discovering and about the doing.  When I see any kind of art, I want to know how they made it and I want to know if I can make it too.  I love trying out new processes and persevering, pushing myself until I get it working and then adding a new skill to use as a multimedia artist and as an educator.

And so my studio work has moved from Augmented Reality to holograms, abstract video art to animation. For the past two years, Analogue Photography (film photography, dark room printing) and Photographic Theory (materiality, history) has been the focus of my studio work.  

Thats not to say that I have rested on my laurels, as my time as an Educator has meant that I have learned Book Craft, Lino Printing, Collage, Pottery, Animation and Painting among other skills.

My work as an artist and educator are intertwined.  The search for narratives and substance in old found photographs is the same as fostering reading and curiosity in a painting or any kind of art with students.  Creating opportunities for interesting conversations, finding topics, meanings and relationships between the viewer and the object is as important in the classroom as it is in a gallery.

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